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You draw flowers, we plant them!

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Why we're wild about meadows for bees

At the happy egg co., we care just as much about the the farms our girls live on as we do about the girls themselves. So to make them even happier places for our hens, we're planting wildflower meadows on some of them - but there's more to these meadows than just a few pretty flowers.

Bees, a hugely important part of our ecosystem, have been in decline for decades - as the environments they like to live in have slowly disappeared. By planting wildflower meadows at our farms, we're giving bees a chance to flourish, as well as making our ranges more colourful and interesting for our girls. So it's good news for the birds… and the bees!

Draw and win a garden!

And the best bit? You can win a wildflower garden worth £5000 for your school or community, just by submitting a doodle! Upload your drawing or painting of a wildflower meadow, and the ten creations that receive the most votes will be judged by our Farmers' Guild. Our farmers' favourite will win the wildflower garden for their school, while nine runners-up will win extra-special drawing kits.

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Win a prize every day!

And if you're not much of an artist, don't worry - you can still win big. Just vote on your favourite meadow for the chance to win one of thousands of instant prizes, including seed packs, activity books, and tea towels. You can vote once a day, which means you could win a prize every single day!

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